Natasha Amaral

Innovation Specialist at MyOrder

Alex Barker

Head of UX at Edo

Romain Berthomé

Lead Product Owner at Rocket Internet

Johannes Bertens

Business Developer Emerging Tech at OneUp

Aurelie Blaise

UX Researcher Freelance

Amanda Birkenholz

Digital Innovation Manager at mantro GmbH

Adrian Borsoi

Holistic Designer II at Designit

Timo Philip Burmeister

Senior Consultant at elaboratum GmbH

Dieter Cybok

Strategic Account Manager at salesforce.com

Clemens Dietrich

Co-Founder & MD

Jan Fischer

Founder, Managing Director at innosabi GmbH

Martin Fyrst

Partner & CMO at Traction Business

Gonzalo Garcia-Perate

Principal Solutions Architect at frog

Julia Gerner

Investment Manager at Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures

Katja Giese

Counsel at Kliemt.HR Lawyers

Karl Grandl

Head of Insurance GetSafe & Inhouse Resident

Frank Gwosdz

Human(e) Machine Interactor

Tobias Hollweg

Co-Founder bei GANDT Ventures GmbH

Dennis Kirpensteijn

Entrepreneur, Investor, Coach

Sebastian Klepper

Product Engineering Consultant, Entrepreneur

Igor Kostyuchenok

Co-Founder & Product Lead at FinLink, Inc.

Melissa Kramer

Growth Mechanics

Agata Krzysztofik

CMO at SimScale GmbH

Emil Lamprecht

Head Coach of Accelerator

Youb Loukil

Digital Expert and Startups Lover

Daria Nepriakhina

Founder, creator of Problem-Solution fit canvas at IdeaHackers.nl

Julie Ng

Enterprise Architect Allianz Deutschland

Daniel Nowack

Program Expert of Accelerator

Christoph Oho

User Experience Designer GBKS and ROOT

Martin Ortlieb

User Experience Researcher at Google Switzerland

Mónica Aguilar Pariente

Independent Advisor at Aguilar Pariente Advisory

Dayana Penkova

Channel Marketing Manager EMEA at Bragi GmbH

Rogier Pennink

Cofounder & CTO at Syndy

Konstantin Pikal

Chief Marketing Officer at fitogram

Bianca Praetorius

Pitchtrainer bei enpact e.V

Helmut Ramsauer

Managing Partner SPINPARTNERS

Tini Reiter

Director Research & Strategy at Kaiser-X Labs

Alexander Rennig

Investment Associate at ALSTIN Capital

Shahram Rezasade

Private Equity Investor at Auctus Capital Partners

Stefan Richter

CPO & Venture Partner at Stryber GmbH

Ricardo Ferrer Rivero

Chairman of the Executive Board at 533

Johann Romefort

Tech Evangelist @Stylight & Chief Organizer of DAHO.AM

Jens Rusitschka

UX and Product Consulting at Jens Rusitschka

Nicole Schepanek

Founder & Managing Director at Aureus Advisory

Markus Schmidt

Senior Service Designer at Designit Germany

Maximilian Schoen

Product Owner at Allianz SE

Thomas Schönweitz

CEO at Whitespring Service Design Thinking

Reinhard Schuhmann

CEO at bridging4success Unternehmergesellschaft (hb)

Robin Schuil

Serial Entrepreneur and Mentor

Martin Sinner

Entrepreneur & Investor at Martin Sinner

Daniel Sproll

CXO & co-founder at realities.io

Ernesto Spruyt

Founder of Tunga

Albert (Cyberhulk) Stepanyan

CEO at Develandoo

Johannes Stich

CEO at JKA Consulting

Lex Tan

CEO of MotionsCloud

Moritz Theile

Founder of MTheile

Duc Quyen Tran

Investment Director @Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures

Philipp Töpelmann

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder at Digital Innovation

Christopher Waldner

Managing Director at a.o. Entrepreneurship Manufactory GmbH

Florian Waubke

CEO at FairFleet/Pepperfih

Elmar Weber

CTO at Amboss

Bernd Wendeln

Head of Corporate Developement and M&A at Tele München Group

Gijs van Zon

Design strategist at Freshheads


Mano Utech

Lead Digital Innovation Management

Monika Kubis

Consultant Digitization/
Business Processes and Operation

Allianz SE
Jörg Richtsfeld

Investment Director

Nicolas Pöltl

Head of Operations

Markus Buchhäusl

Head of Business Organization

Die Bayerische
Burghard Kaske

Division Manager of Sales Management

Die Bayerische
Stefan Hegdebusch

Project Lead Digitization

Die Bayerische
Karen Kintrup

Junior Innovation Manager

Die Bayerische
Matthias Widmann

Junior Innovation Manager

Stephan Weiss

Digital Enthusiast

Julia Steinmetz

Digital Business Development

Vincenzo Reina

Head of Strategy & Smart Insurance Transformation

Dennis Brill

Senior Manager Digital Business Development

HUK Coburg
Mandy Mann

Head of Innovation Management

Robert Weidinger

Chief Digital Officer

Maximilian Conrad

Cooperation Manager

Ralf Schramm

Consultant Digitization and Business Processes

Ralf Woltmann

Medical Consultant

Munich Re
Tom Van den Brulle

Global Head of Innovation

Munich Re
Bernhard Hobel

Senior Innovation Manager

Munich Re
Sabine-Marie Eldracher

Innovation Manager at Munich Re (Group)

Munich Re
Claudia Glaas

Project Manager

Münchener Verein
Marcus Kaiser

Senior Business Analyst Digital Transformation

Münchener Verein
Thomas Klemm

Teamleiter Business Analyse

Münchener Verein
René Wittig

Head of Business Services

Falk Löffler

Head of Cross-Section Services

Julia Pühlhorn

Innovation Manager

Johannes Wagner

Organisation Director InsurTech Hub Munich & Startup-Cooperation

Carolin Doering

Specialist InsurTech Hub Munich/Key Account Accelerator Programs

WWK Lebensversicherung
Philipp Belli

Head of Internet & New Media

WWK Lebensversicherung
Werner Rothleitner


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