Daniel Kasberg

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CFO as a service: if you need a proven, pragmatic CFO that will support you in your business, but a full time person is too much for your business, then LeadMyFinance could be the answer.

Controlling | financial planning & analysis | internal reporting | Cash flow forecasts | evaluation of investment decisions | Establish financial processes | Preparation for investor meetings | Company Valuation | Investor reporting

Info about me

I’d describe myself as looking at the big picture, pragmatic, quick to learn and hands on. Over the last 10+ years, I’ve led business planning and analysis for production, a marketing & sales affiliate and for (pharmaceutical) R&D. I managed accounting for over 3 billion USD in sales and held a head finance role for R&D Novartis Germany. On top I deepened my strategic perspective in an MBA and the investor perspective in a Master in finance. In combination with my previous freelance projects this gives me a unique insight on how finance is interconnected and how to run it pragmatically.

Most of my experiences are in pharmaceuticals, but numbers are often independent of the industry.

5-10 years working experience

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✉️ dk@leadmyfinance.com

📱 +491631642920

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