Hendrik Basler

Info about MY offer

I can help you with: Hardware- and Software Development, Product Requirements, Electronic Design, Product Design (technical), 3D Modeling, Embedded Software, Sensors, C, C++, LoRaWAN, Production & Testing Tools, Business Case Design

Info about ME

I like to condense technical ideas into solutions. Going from drafts, to requirements, to cost estimation, to 3D visualization,… . Quick with prototyping, experienced with series production of electronic products. Thinking outside the box and keeping the business context in mind.

Beside my main business BoatOfficer (a remote monitoring solution for boats) I’m looking for smaller electronic/software projects. You have a crazy idea with electronics? Something is strange with the electronics you already developed? Let’s get a coffee and chat.

5-10 years working experience

Industry Focus

IoT, automation, home automation, boating, robotics, low power products

Contact me

✉️ hendrik.basler@boatofficer.com

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