4. Happiness Research Meetup: Making Real Connections

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Dear friends of the pursuit of happiness,

I am very happy to announce that we are hosting our 4. Munich Happiness Research Meetup soon – to be precise:
– on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 at 6:00 pm
– in WERK1, Atelierstr. 29, 81671 Munich (near Ostbahnhof)

The topic of this Meetup is going to be ‘Making Real Connections’, i.e. connecting with real people (vs. social media avatars) and connecting with yourself and your purpose (vs. someone else’s idea thereof).

One of the main pillars for a fulfilling life, given we are ‘social animals’, is receiving appreciation and feeling connected to a ‘tribe’. For that we depend on (our connections) to people that we care about and that care about us. In today’s global technology-enabled world, it has never been easier to ‘connect’, but as an effect, we might have traded in the value of few real connections for the volume of our digital ‘social graphs’. In other words, we might never have been as connected and as devoid of meaningful connections simultaneously, as today. But what makes a meaningful connection? And how do we find real connections using today’s enablers to our advantage?

We’ll explore these and related questions in an exciting evening with inspirational keynotes, some science, an interactive workshop, and of course great networking with happy people. The agenda will feature the following inspirational speakers and topics (still tbc):

– Galina Bankova (founder of not one but two amazing startups “Do Work You Love” and “The Matchmakers”), who will share her passion and experience with enabling people to form powerful connections
– me (Dr. Valentin Schellhaas, founder of zentor and former business monkey), who will share some of the science why ‘real connections’ matter and how this relates to our pursuit of happiness
– an interactive workshop session in which we’ll explore what your purpose (or passion) could be, co-hosted by my fellow Meetup superstars Regina Maueröder and Zuzana Vajdikova
– a subsequent networking experiment, in which we will use the outcomes of the workshop to enable forming real connections

Given we are still bootstrapping and are putting effort and own funding into this, we’ll be asking for the small contribution of €5,- entrance fee, which includes inspirational talks, the workshops, drinks and snacks.

We very much look forward to seeing you there!
Happy Sunday everyone and until soon.