ASK ME ANYTHING – Q&A with business experts

ASK ME ANYTHING 12 March WERK1.4 with the following experts:

VELSA | Digital legal packages for start-ups

We solve the legal issues of start-ups with free, digital legal packages on topics such as (1) foundation, (2) fundraising, (3) general terms and conditions & data protection and (4) first employees. The packages each contain:

Legal checklists, templates & sample contracts and free 30-minute initial consultations with suitable legal experts.

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MATHWORKS & SIMULINK | Learn how to accelerate your development processes with MATLAB & Simulink

MathWorks is the maker of MATLAB and Simulink that offer a comprehensive suite of tools for (1) algorithm development, (2) simulation, (3) modelling, and (4) embedded systems development, and which are invaluable assets for startups looking to innovate and bring their ideas to market efficiently. Learn how MathWorks tools can help you: accelerate the development process reduce development costs get technical guidance from MathWorks engineers

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As Talent Partners, we STAX specializes in helping startups and scale-ups with their hiring strategies and headhunting for exceptional talent across tech and engineering hires. Their team represents your brand in a highly competitive talent market to attract the best candidates for your company’s growth.
Areas of expertise: Hiring Strategies, Talent Attraction, Onboarding, Retention