ASK ME ANYTHING – Q&A with business experts

Unsere exklusive Q&A Session mit Expert:innen aus den Bereichen Recht, Steuern, Gründung, Versicherung und vielen mehr.

Our exclusive Q&A event with business experts in the field of sales, law, taxes, founding, insurance and many more.

Florian Weippert | DEALMAKERS – Sales Expert

Sales strategy, Customer acquisition, Emotion-based selling, Objection handling, sales negotiations, behavioural psychology adapted to sales,personal development and impact competence, marketing and sales psychology to increase conversion and close rates

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Petra Schöpf & Veronika Taupert | Sparkasse Existenzgründungsberatung

Financial Concept – Holistic advisory strategy for your business, Tips on the business plan, Advice on public funding

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Campbell Hörmann Lawyers | Law and tax law experts

Advantages and disadvantages of different legal forms when setting up a company and virtual employee participation, Taxes (self-employment), invoices and accounting, HR: employment, benefits, foreign affairs

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