LUNCH & LEARN I “Digital product development – the power of transparency and partnerships”

Event digital product development


Real life examples to answer questions: What is a digital product? What is quality of the digital product? What is the major challenge in the intersection between sales and tech development? How much does it cost and why, major cost drivers? How could it be successful without leaving it all to good fortune? What are the possible processes to develop a digital product? MVP, PoC, SCRUM, Waterfall, Wireframes, buzz-words and other mumbo-jumbo.


About us:

  • Infoleven is a digital product development house with focus on money transfer and currency exchange solutions for the FinTech; management and investment solutions for the renewables-energy sector; order management, storage, disposition and tracking systems for Logistics
  • Infoleven’s purpose is to build a great place to work at – a safe environment that allows you to experiment, learn, improve, grow and inspire others to do the same! We make a positive difference in the world by developing solutions that help our partners achieve their goals and solve real problems!