Rocket Hour!

Socialpizza ist für alle Gründer:innen:

“Have a snack – we make social insurance delicious for you!

We know: A startup always has something more important on its mind than social security, but there’s no getting around it. With TK at your side, you’ll find the most important information here on SocialPizza: presented in an understandable and appetizing way – sorted by the phases of your startup.”

Furthermore, we have a team of consultants who answer questions from person to person:

“15-minute advice: deduct salary, pay contributions, send notifications – what? If you feel like you’re somehow lost in the social security jungle, our consulting team will help you. Simply call us free of charge. You can book your 15 minutes here.”

There will then be a second part, namely the comparison between statutory and private health insurance.

While the first part is aimed more at founders and startups (companies), the second part is for all founders and employees. Here you will learn when you can decide for one or the other system and what the advantages and disadvantages of both systems are but also the consequences that the decision for private or public health insurance bring with them. Thus, this part is aimed at ALL.


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These may be used for reporting and public relations purposes.
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