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“Shaping future growth: how hiring influences the scaling and success of your startup“ by Talent Tree

Welcome to our 2nd W1 ROCKET HOUR 🚀We are happy to have Oliver Kempkens from Talent Tree with us, who tells us, how hiring influences the scaling and success fo your startup!Talent Tree is an executive search boutique for the European tech startup- and digital ecosystem.

 In a Nutshell:

  • Talent Tree builds the teams and companies that shape the future
  • They want to bring as much smart talent as possible into meaningful technology companies.
  • They are particularly strong in building scale-ups (30 – 300 employees). In other words, where there is a lot of pressure on the organisation and where it is important to find managers with the right mindset and skillset who, on the one hand, want to build DIY processes and structures with healthy humility and, at the same time, are able to build and lead a fast-growing team.

Oliver Kempkens

Senior Partner at Talent Tree

Oliver is Senior Partner & Executive Consultant at one of Munich’s largest and fastest growing tech recruiting company. He places C-Level executives, non-operative executives and advises on cultural transformation. Oliver lived and worked as an executive in California (Palo Alto) and – due to an engagement with Stanford University – has a very profound understanding of the US startup scene and mentality, in addition to the German one.



12:00 Uhr Welcome & Introduction
12:05 Uhr “Shaping future growth: how hiring influences the scaling and success of your startup”
12:35 Uhr Q&As

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