UNIT Master´s program: Fundamentals of Blockchain Economy

A 6 week Master’s program to ready you for the future economy.

Why Sign-up?
  • Learn the Future of Wealth Creation & Economics: You want to do more of what you love and better manage wealth creation for you and your community.
  • Understand the Power of Possibilities with Blockchain: You are looking to learn about blockchain technology, decentralized systems & governance, tokens, crypto currencies or so called future economies.
  • Attend Bi-Weekly Mentorship sessions with some of the Best in the Industry: Two amazing live speaker sessions per week led by influential leaders in the disruptive tech space, and ethical community building.
  • Find like-minded People to Grow with: Network with other participants and use this time to set up your wallet, and build your brand or business on the UNIT platform!

    UNIT is a human-centric technology built for the future thinking collective. It encourages an evolution into fairer economic models driven by tokenomics, the stakeholder economy and decentralized governance. We dream of a world where everyone can do meaningful work they enjoy and can manage & create wealth with ease.