Are you looking to Brush Up your Excel skills?


In our academy, you will discuss startup-relevant topics with experts and in small groups.

This time round, it is to improve your Excel skills!

Please be aware that this workshop will be explained in German. The user interface of Excel can be set to English.


Our Academy is open to everyone.

Why should entrepreneurs & businesses be Familiar with excel?

For one, Excel is one of the most powerful tools out there, as it consists of many different functions integrated into one program.

Second, Excel is one of the most widely used tools available.

For entrepreneurs, this means that exporting data and reports for collaboration internally and externally becomes a piece of cake.

It’s user-friendly interface and ability to handle both numerical and textual data make it an indispensible tool.

Finally, Excel is extremely versatile. It allows users to export data to other programs as well, should they need to.

In light of its many virtues, a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel is something all entrepreneurs should have!


Why you should definitely attend the next Academy?
  • Insights into the special field of an expert
  • Benefit from special prices
  • Meet new people from the community and exchange ideas about the Academy topic
  • Learn from the mistakes of others and stop making them yourself


This particular Academy is totally free! In Cooperation with Microsoft for Startups 😉

The workshop will be online (link details and documents will be send via email at least a few days before the event)


To sign up, click here:




We would like to inform you that photos and videos will be taken during this event. These may be used for reporting and public relations purposes. If you do not agree to this, please inform a team member of WERK1.