WERK1 Rocket Hour: How to Identify the Right Talent – Turn the Job Interview into a Conversation

Sometimes it’s like a quick game of poker: the job interview. Do we put our cards on the table or are we bluffing?
Common sense dictates that a company’s number one resource is their people. Keeping this in mind, it should be a top priority to take extra care in the talent attraction process. It takes proper screening and careful analysis to hire talent who will excel at their job and fit into the company’s culture.
Do you ever leave the interview table and feel like you did not get to know the person in front of you?
In this case, it is most important to understand the tools in our job interview toolbox – By applying these tools, both sides receive all the necessary information and leave the job interview well equipped to make the best decision.


Campusjäger / Workwise
Ever since Workwise was founded in 2013 under the name of “Campusjäger“, we have been helping recruiters find the right interns and working students. As our network grew with us, we are now able to help companies find candidates at all seniority levels and areas.
For this purpose, Workwise provides organizations with all the important tools to find suitable team members. The holistic solution combines access to various recruiting channels with an Applicant Management System for better visibility and efficiency. Workwise adresses individual processes and advises companies so that they can set up their own digital and candidate-focussed recruiting.