Women Developer Academy pow. by Google

What is the Women Developer Academy?

Our Women Developer Academy will equip women in tech with the skills, resources and support they need to become leaders in the industry through public speaking and other community contributions.

If you are a professional IT practitioner (e.g. software engineer, data scientist, developer, etc.) looking to land your first speaking opportunity, improve your public speaking skills and build your confidence and network, this month long programme is for you. You’ll have weekly workshops focussing on a specific topic (more details below) and have access to weekly 1:1 mentor sessions facilitated by Googlers and technical experts within our UKI developer community.

Beyond gaining new skills, you will also get to meet, connect, and network with other women developers who are on a similar journey and support you to find speaking opportunities through our developer community network to showcase your newly developed presentations.

Let’s work together to bring diversity to the stage, because impact does not end there, that’s where it starts! 


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